Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

crime and trauma scene clean up toronto

If you are a property manager, or building superintendent or landlord and there was a homicide or suicide or natural death or other kind of traumatic accident leading to severe loss of blood and bodily fluids give us a call to handle the cleanup of all blood, bodily fluids, odours, possible infestations, all which can cause deterioration of the property value. Also with the passage of time, these cleanups tend to rise in cost due to contamination spreading to other rooms, and areas.

If you are family member or a friend who discovered the passing away of a loved one under unfavorable circumstances, then call us to help out with the after death cleanup service. Whether you discovered the body days or weeks later, we can help out with any kind of extreme cleaning required to restore the property back to pristine condition.

Reach out to us for a free consulation and quote by calling us at 1-888-679-9116.