A) No. The reason is that the cleanup of human blood must be performed according to the standards of the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, Section 25 (H), Section 26 (K), (L), as well as Regulation 833 Section 3 (1). Only trained technicians should clean up blood and body fluids. Without knowledge, training and proper experience, the first responders and the individuals of businesses contracted to decontaminate the site will be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and chemical hazards. These chemical and biological hazards consist of Hepatitis, HIV, TB, Norovirus, Staph, airborne Hantavirus, various bacteria, and various chemical pollutants.

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A) We are proud to bring over 5+ years of extensive experience in crime scene cleanup to our clients. Our seasoned team has successfully handled a wide range of situations, ensuring thorough and compassionate services.

A) God’s Cleaning Crew clients we have worked with

A) Specialized crime scene cleaning companies, such as God's Cleaning Crew, handle crime scene cleanup in Canada. Equipped with expertise and specialized equipment, they ensure thorough and safe remediation, prioritizing compassion and discretion for the sensitive nature of their work. Call God's Cleaning Crew at 1-888-679-9116 now to handle any crime scene cleanup.

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