God's Cleaning Crew - Why Maggots Flock to the Decomposing Dead

Why Maggots Flock to the Decomposing Dead?


In the eerie quiet of a place where death has recently laid its hand, a bustling, writhing life emerges: maggots. These creatures, often reviled and associated with decay, play a crucial role in nature's cycle. But why are they so inexorably drawn to decomposing bodies? This post delves into the macabre yet fascinating world of these creatures, unearthing the science behind their attraction to death.

The Call of Decay

As a body begins to decompose, it emits a specific combination of gases and chemicals, like cadaverine and putrescine. These scents are like a siren call to blowflies, which swiftly find the source to lay their eggs. Within a short time, these eggs hatch into maggots, the larvae stage of the fly.

A Feeding Frenzy

Maggots are nature's efficient decomposers. They consume the soft tissues of the dead, breaking them down rapidly. This process is not just about feeding; it's a race against time and other decomposers. The presence of maggots can induce shock and revulsion, yet their role is vital in reducing the body back to its basic elements.

The Fear Factor

Reputable crime scene cleaning companies prioritize compassion and discretion, understanding the sensitive nature of their work and the importance of maintaining confidentiality and privacy.


Maggots are drawn to decomposing bodies by the specific scents emitted during decay. They play a vital role in breaking down tissues, accelerating decomposition, and returning nutrients to the earth. Call 1-888-679-9116 for expert assistance.

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