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What Happens if You Touch Raccoon Poop?


Raccoons, with their masked faces and agile movements, may appear charming from a distance, but encountering their feces can pose extremely serious health risks. These furry creatures, often found rummaging through trash cans in urban areas or roaming forests and rural landscapes, leave behind more than just footprints. Raccoon feces, if touched or mishandled, can lead to a range of health complications, making it crucial to understand the potential dangers associated with such encounters.

Risk of Disease Transmission

One of the primary concerns associated with touching raccoon feces is the transmission of diseases. Raccoon feces may contain a variety of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, parasites, and viruses. One of the most concerning pathogens is Baylisascaris procyonis, a roundworm commonly found in raccoon intestines. Accidental ingestion or contact with the eggs of this parasite can lead to a severe and potentially fatal condition known as Baylisascaris infection.

Potential Health Complications

Direct contact with raccoon feces can also increase the risk of contracting other diseases, such as leptospirosis, giardiasis, and salmonellosis. These diseases can cause symptoms ranging from mild gastrointestinal discomfort to severe illness, depending on the individual's immune system and the extent of exposure.

Airborne Risks

In addition to the risks posed by direct contact, raccoon feces can also present airborne hazards. When disturbed, dried feces can release particles containing harmful pathogens into the air, which can be inhaled or ingested, leading to respiratory infections or other health issues.

Professional Assistance

In cases where raccoon feces are found in or around residential areas, seeking professional assistance for cleanup is highly recommended. Professional wildlife feces removal experts have the necessary training, equipment, and expertise to safely remove and dispose of raccoon feces, eliminating the risk of exposure to harmful pathogens.


The potential dangers of touching raccoon feces highlight the importance of proper cleanup and disposal. For expert assistance in ensuring your safety and health, contact God's Cleaning Crew for biohazard raccoon feces cleanup at 1-888-679-9116.

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