God's Cleaning Crew - What Do Crime Scene Cleaners Wear?

What Do Crime Scene Cleaners Wear?


Crime scenes are often fraught with danger, not just from the initial incident but also from the hazardous materials left behind. Crime scene cleaners, tasked with the crucial job of restoring safety and sanitation to these scenes, must take extensive precautions to protect themselves. So, what do crime scene cleaners wear to ensure their safety while performing their duties?

First and foremost, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a non-negotiable aspect of a crime scene cleaner's attire. This includes gloves, masks, and suits, all designed to shield them from exposure to biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, and potentially harmful chemicals. Gloves are typically made of durable materials such as nitrile or latex, providing a barrier between the cleaner's skin and any hazardous substances they may encounter.

Masks are essential for protecting the respiratory system from inhaling airborne particles and pathogens. Crime scene cleaners often wear masks with filters or respirators to ensure maximum protection against hazardous fumes or biological contaminants.

Full-body suits, commonly referred to as coveralls, are another crucial component of a crime scene cleaner's attire. These suits are made of impermeable materials that prevent any hazardous substances from coming into contact with the cleaner's skin or clothing. Additionally, coveralls are designed to be disposable, ensuring that any contamination can be safely removed and disposed of after the cleanup process is complete.

In addition to these basic PPE items, crime scene cleaners may also wear additional protective gear depending on the nature of the cleanup. For example, if the scene involves the presence of potentially harmful chemicals, cleaners may wear goggles or face shields to protect their eyes from splashes or spills.

Furthermore, specialized footwear is essential to prevent slips, trips, and falls, especially in areas where biohazards or slippery substances may be present. Crime scene cleaners often wear boots with non-slip soles and toe caps for added protection.

Beyond physical protection, crime scene cleaners also prioritize comfort and mobility in their attire. The nature of their work demands long hours of physical labour in often challenging environments. Therefore, their clothing and footwear are designed to provide both protection and flexibility, allowing them to move freely and perform their duties efficiently.


Crime scene cleaners wear comprehensive protective gear to shield themselves from biohazards, including durable gloves, masks with respirators, and impermeable full-body suits. Additionally, they may utilize goggles, face shields, and non-slip boots for added safety.

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