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Helping Children Cope With Suicide: A Guide for Parents and Guardians


Coping with the aftermath of a suicide can be especially challenging for children. Understanding and supporting them through this difficult time requires sensitivity, honesty, and age-appropriate communication.

Open Communication

Encourage children to express their feelings and ask questions. Answer their queries honestly but in a way that is appropriate for their age and maturity level. Avoiding the subject can create confusion and fear.

Provide Reassurance

Children may feel guilty or responsible. Reassure them that it was not their fault and that they are loved and supported.

Maintain Routine

Keep daily routines as normal as possible. Consistency provides a sense of security and stability.

Seek Professional Help

Consider professional counseling for children showing signs of severe distress. Therapists specializing in grief can provide tailored support.

Educate About Mental Health

Use this as an opportunity to educate children about mental health in a way they can understand. This helps reduce stigma and promotes awareness.

Be a Role Model

Show your own emotions and coping mechanisms. This teaches children that it’s okay to grieve and seek help.

Supporting children after a suicide, requires patience, love, and often professional guidance. Through honest communication, reassurance, and education, children can learn to cope with their loss in a healthy way.

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