God's Cleaning Crew - Finding a Bloated Body - Guide for Property Managers Superintendents and Security Guards

Finding a Bloated Dead Body - Guide for Property Managers Superintendents and Security Guards


As a property manager, superintendent, or security guard, encountering a bloated body on the premises can be distressing and challenging. Here’s how to handle this situation with professionalism and sensitivity.

Stay Calm and Composed

Remain calm and composed when discovering a bloated body. Secure the area and prevent unauthorized access to maintain the integrity of the scene.

Contact Authorities

Notify the police and emergency services immediately. Cooperation with law enforcement is imperative in these circumstances.

Secure the Area

Restrict access to the location. Cordoning off the area is essential to safeguard the integrity of the scene.

Engage Professional Cleanup Services

Contact professional biohazard cleanup services for immediate disposal of any biohazardous materials and the decontamination of the affected space.

Communication and Confidentiality

Communicate with stakeholders and occupants with discretion and compassion, ensuring confidentiality and respect for the deceased.

Review Security Measures

Conduct a thorough assessment of security protocols to identify and address any vulnerabilities that may have led to the presence of the body on the property.

Support for Staff and Occupants

Provide counseling and support services for staff members and occupants who may be affected by the discovery, promoting emotional well-being and resilience.

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