God’s Cleaning Crew - 4 habit changes after death of a loved one

Altered Rhythms: 4 Habit Changes After Losing a Loved One


In the silent aftermath of losing someone dear, our world doesn't just shift; it transforms. This transformation often manifests in the alteration of our daily habits. We'll explore four profound habit changes that frequently occur after the loss of a loved one, revealing the deep emotional layers and unexpected turns of the grieving process.

The Solitary Meal

Mealtimes, once bustling with conversation and shared tastes, become solitary endeavors. The chair opposite remains empty, and the silence is as thick as the air before a storm. We might find ourselves cooking less, or perhaps preparing their favorite dish as a tribute, only to be overwhelmed by the surge of memories it brings. This change in our eating habits is not just about nourishment; it's a ritual of remembrance and a stark reminder of their absence.

Sleep, a Fickle Friend

Sleep patterns are often the first to unravel. The bed feels too vast, the night too full of echoes. Insomnia may creep in, or we might find ourselves sleeping too much, using it as an escape. Dreams become a double-edged sword, offering a fleeting reunion that vanishes with the dawn. This disruption in our sleep is a physical manifestation of our internal turmoil, a nightly battle between seeking rest and yearning for one more moment with them.

The Transformation of Leisure

Our leisure activities undergo a metamorphosis. Hobbies and pastimes that we once enjoyed together may lose their appeal, feeling empty or even painful without their presence. Alternatively, we might pick up new hobbies, ones they never knew, as if forging a path distinctly ours yet tinged with guilt for finding pleasure in something they are not a part of. This shift in leisure habits signifies the struggle to redefine our identity in their absence.

Communication: A Labyrinth of Emotions

Our approach to communication often changes drastically. We might withdraw, finding solace in solitude, or we may seek out new connections, desperate to fill the void. Conversations with friends and family become minefields, with their name hovering unspoken between words. This change in our communication habits reflects the complex web of grief, where we oscillate between seeking understanding and fearing the weight of our own sorrow.


The loss of a loved one is not just a singular event; it's a seismic shift that ripples through our lives, altering the habits that once anchored us. These changes are a testament to the depth of our love and the profound impact of their absence. In recognizing and understanding these shifts, we can navigate the tumultuous waters of grief, finding a way to honor their memory while gradually rebuilding our sense of self.

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