God's Cleaning Crew offers the following services:

Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup

Reach us for death caused due to homicide, suicide, natural causes or any kind of trauma. Whether you are the property manager, landlord, or friend and family, or a co-worker, our service is to assist you in the process.

After Death Cleanup

Service to handle cleanup after a natural death, unattended death, natural causes death, viral death or death caused due to drugs.

Suicide Cleanup

For any kind of suicide cleanup, whether drug related or a gun inflicted death, we provide professional decontamination service.

Accidental Deaths or Injuries Cleanup

For any kind of accidental death, whether at home or in a factory / industry setting call us for professional help. Also any accidental injury that needs blood and bodily fluids cleanup.

Hoarding Cleanup

God's Cleaning Crew is a leader in hoarding cleanup services across Toronto and the GTA. Houses, condos, estates, apartments, or single rooms, we have cleaned up all kinds of hoarding places.

Pets, Pigeon, Raccoon, Wildlife Feces Cleanup

Call God's Cleaning Crew for dogs, cats, pigeons, raccoons or any wildlife urine and feces cleanup. Whether at home or a business or industrial / factory setting. We have done it all.

Blood Cleanup

For any kind of blood and bodily fluids cleanup, whether caused due to an accident or fall, or a death, we will decontamiante the space. Landlords, property managers nd family members have all trusted us.

Vehicle Decontamination

Professional decontamination for vehicles affected by vandalism, death, accidents, or stolen vehicles affected by drug paraphernalia.

Odour Removal

Foul odours caused due to cigarettes, pets urine and feces, or human feces, or death or blood and bodily fluids or due to any other chemical nature. Reach us for remediation service.

Contaminated Needles and Syringes Clean up

Contaminated needles / syringes and drug paraphernalia found indoors or outdoors pose health hazard, and should be dealt with by professionals. Call us for help.

Junk Removal

If you want your old and broken furniture, appliances, rugs, carpets, clothing, and articles to be removed, such that you can have your space back then give us a call for a quote.

Covid-19 Decontamination

God's Cleaning Crew is a Canadian crime and trauma cleaning company offering COVID-19 / Coronavirus decontamination services throughout Toronto and the GTA.